"KD" Scrapbook.

It’s like he’s telling the story of “How He Met The Mother (Kath) of his kids” :))))

When the Girl ignored DJ’s second beso. 

kathryn bernardo; europe adventure

Fan: Pwedeng pa-kiss?

The “makulit” DJ during the meet and greet.+

Kathryn + Korea in Colours


beautiful people like you..

@johnvalle20: What is 💙 @bernardokath #teenqueentravelgram

why is kath in korea?

honestly… i have no idea too hahaha! 

pero naalala ko lang kanina hahaha Korea’s one of her dream vacation destination so yeah she’s enjoying her time there ♥♥


iamlexcybabePhoto Shoot ang Vacation with Friends/Glam Team :)